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Magpie Feather Stained Glass - Suncatcher Hanging Decor 6.5x1.5 inch

Magpie Feather Stained Glass - Suncatcher Hanging Decor 6.5x1.5 inch

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Material : Real stained glass & Tin.


Height 6.5 inch (16.51 cm)
Width 1.5 inch (3.81 cm)

Production time 1-3 days

Handmade in Ukraine

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Magpie with our exquisite Magpie Feather Stained Glass Suncatcher Window Hangings. This captivating piece of art captures the spirit of these intelligent birds, infusing your space with elegance, charm, and a touch of whimsy.

Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, each stained glass feather mirrors the distinctive beauty of the Magpie's plumage. The striking contrast of black and white, interspersed with hints of iridescent blues and greens, creates a mesmerizing visual display that dances with light as it cascades through your window.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea? Our Magpie Feather Stained Glass Sun Catcher Window Hangings are an excellent choice. Delight your loved ones with this unique and artistic present, capturing the essence of nature's beauty in a handcrafted masterpiece.

With an easy-to-hang design, they are a versatile addition to any window, wall, or even a Christmas tree, allowing you to personalize your space and create a unique ambiance that reflects your style and personality!

So don't wait - add a touch of sophistication and style to your home or surprise someone special with a truly unique gift. Order your Magpie Feather Stained Glass Suncatcher Window Hangings today and enjoy the beauty and wonder it brings!


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-  We guarantee that you will receive the goods safe and sound, and if something happens to the parcel, we will solve this issue.

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