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Lotus flower Stained glass - Unique Table Decor 10.3x5.4 inch

Lotus flower Stained glass - Unique Table Decor 10.3x5.4 inch

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Material : Real stained glass & Wood.


Height 10.3 inch (26.16 cm)
Width 5.4 inch (13.71 cm)

Production time 1-3 days

Handmade in Ukraine

The lotus flower has strong cultural and religious significance in many parts of the world, making it a meaningful and thoughtful gift.With its simple yet sophisticated design, this table flower is a versatile piece that can complement any décor style.

Stained glass lotus flowers can be used as decorative accents on coffee tables, side tables, or even on windowsills. When the sunlight hits the glass, it creates a beautiful and colorful display, adding a peaceful and calming atmosphere to any space.

In addition to being a beautiful decoration, stained glass lotus flowers also hold spiritual significance. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity and enlightenment, making it a powerful symbol to incorporate into your spiritual practices.

Whether in the form of a table flower or a stained glass decoration, the lotus flower is a versatile addition to any home décor. Its rich cultural and spiritual significance and its simple yet elegant
design make it beautiful gift for any occasion.


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